How To Conquer Tyranny and Avoid Tragedy: A Lesson on Defeating Systems of Empire

“So is humanity doomed? Can a flourishing and prosperous civilization avoid the seductions of empire?”
I’d like to contemplate this!

Rising Tide Foundation

By Cynthia Chung

This is a transcription of a lecture, which can be found here, given as part of the RTF series “Art, Science and Civilization: The Renaissance Principles Across the Ages.

It is common today to be confronted with the belief that any country, any civilization that gains a certain degree of power, will be destined to become an empire. After all, we are in an American system of empire right now that is presently clashing with competing systems of empire from the East, correct?

Well, this is at least, the thinking that has been driving 75 years of cold war to this present day. That despite us being told that the cold war ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is rather evident that this cold war is still ongoing.

So is humanity doomed? Can a flourishing and prosperous civilization avoid…

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