Greece. The Oldest People In The World (Episode 6) | Full Documentary

Travelers from other countries are drawn here by more than just ancient architecture and ruins of great Hellas. Greece is a country of thousands of islands. Its territory spans almost 1500 pieces of land surrounded by three seas: Aegean, Ionic and Mediterranean. In 2014, the average lifespan in Greece was 79.5 years which places Greece seventeenth in the world. But that’s not the most important thing. This country has its own Olympus of longevity – Ikaria, a small island in the Aegean sea. Research shows that Greeks reach the age of ninety two and a half times as often as people in any other European state. Ikaria owes its name to a hero from Greek mythology. The legend goes, Heracles buries the body of Icarus among these misty cliffs. Archeological excavations show that the first Greek settlements on the island appeared as early as in the 10th century BC. Modern Icaria stands for two towns and 60 villages with the total population of 9000 people. As life expectancy continues to soar, more and more of us are living to well over the age of 100. We ask some of the oldest people in the world the question everyone wants answered: what is the secret to long life?

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