COVID Vaccines May Not Work on Millions with Underlying Conditions, Yet CDC Continues to Recommend They Get Shot

“People with underlying health disorders”
I would say, most very old people do have some of these ‘underlying health disorders’. Why vaccinate them? Wouldn’t it be better to make sure that everybody who gets close to them takes adequate precautions if there is a slight chance that they may spread the virus?
I mean, it is for instance unlikely that the very elderly mingle unprotected with huge crowds. So how likely is it that they catch the virus if everyone takes care? I guess hugging children could be slightly dangerous . . .

The Most Revolutionary Act

By  Megan Redshaw

Research shows people with underlying health disorders or on immunosuppressive medications mount few antibodies to COVID vaccines, leading some to question if they should get the vaccine and, if so, what are the potential risks?

Emerging research shows that 15% to 80% of people with certain medical conditions aren’t generating many antibodies, if any, after receiving a COVID vaccine.

According to NBC News, people taking medications that suppress their immune system, those on medication for inflammatory disorders and those with blood cancers showed a significantly weaker antibody response to the vaccine.

An organ transplant study published in JAMA found 46% of 658 transplant patients did not mount an antibody response after two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. Researchers think the lack of reaction is probably a result of taking a class of immunosuppressive drugs, called antimetabolites.

“Although this study demonstrates an improvement in…

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