Ted and Edie dance the Rumba.

Some interesting memories about life in Australia.


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“I saw it happen an’ that’s how I knows it…and I know why it happened..an’ I’m sorry it didn’t happen a long time ago, back when they could’ve made something with it.” Swertzy took a drag on his cigarette again and settled into the chair outside the Sedan Post Office and reflected on times past..his portly frame shifted to ease the rheumatic pain in his hip.

Heinie Schwertzferger explained..

“Ted and I first learned proper dancing with old Mrs Harris, who used to give dance classes in her home back in the fifties..over there in Towitta..when Ted and I were young blades..She would move the lounge table to one side and crank up the old gramophone player and she and her hubby would teach a group of us locals how to dance real proper like…you know..the Fox-trot, Military Two Step…those old ballroom dances of the day..”

“ A few of…

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