Covid supply chain issues hitting fast-food chains as shortages worsen

“The mad rush to get everyone “vaccinated,” followed by the mass reopening of restaurants, has also caused a spike in demand for food that is only making the problem worse.”


The Most Revolutionary Act

Covid supply chain issues now hitting fast-food chains as shortages in foods and packaging both worsen

Dr Eddy Betterman

new survey by Reuters has found that at least nine popular fast-food chains are experiencing supply issues due to supply bottlenecks and other problems linked to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

Everything from iced green tea to fries to chicken wings, as well as plastic packing material and paper bags, is becoming hard to come by as Chinese Virus-related supply pipeline issues continue.

On June 14, the website for South Korea’s most popular fast-food chain, Lotteria, explained that cheese sticks will now have to be substituted for French fries, supposedly due to problems with ocean shipping and product inspections for potatoes.

Few shipping containers are arriving in South Korea these days due to fears about the spread of the Wuhan Flu, and customs checks are also much slower than they used to be.

These supply bottlenecks are expected to continue “well into 2022,” says St…

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