Update about Diary on Coronavirus

I just read a comment here:


Gerard writes:

“Here is a website giving you the death rate per capita.
As I understand it the Delta virus is very good at spreading. The latest outbreak seems to indicate that within family groupings almost all members of a family become infected from just one contact.”

I replied as follows:

Thank you, Gerard, for the link to the Worldometers Website. There is such a huge amount of information on this website that I could click onto it for hours.
My understanding about the Delta variant of the virus is the same as yours: It is very good at spreading!
And my understanding why this is so, is that this virus is airborn and stays in the air we breathe. So to get fresh air, seems to me to be of the utmost importance. So why do we quarantine people in badly ventilated buildings? And why do a lot of people do their shopping in poorly ventilated buildings? It is beyond me, why so called ‘experts’ do not talk about it more. Just with vaccinations we cannot get on top of the virus. This is how it seems to me. For how long shall this hackling about the ‘cost’ (well ventilated buildings cost money”) for how long shall this hackling go on? Because it costs money, they don’t even want to talk about it. All these vaccinations, do they not cost money too? Someone has to pay for these. And big Pharma is in big, big business! Eventual we do need a good vaccine, this is true. But good vaccines need an awful lot of research as I understand it. But nobody wants us to talk about this. Fair enough, it is an emergency now. What we need is sunshine and fresh air, right?

4 thoughts on “Update about Diary on Coronavirus

    1. Oh yes, there is so much info on that site. It is astonishing! Seems to be some very good work in collecting info.
      I am mostly extremely lonely, Carolyn. But under the circumstances I am doing rather well. Hope you are doing well, too, dear Carolyn! Stay safe.
      HUGS, Uta 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for caring, dear Carolyn. 🙂

    I think I am going to be alright. The lockdowns are so difficult for many people. I am still comparatively well off. Actually I do count my blessings. That I am still alive does feel like bonus time. I am especially kind of grateful that right now my health seems to be as best as it can be. If I can live like this a little bit longer, I’ll call myself extremely lucky. 🙂

    So, I take each day as it comes. How good is life, when each day still brings a bit of joy! My contact with other people is extremely limited right now. I hope, this can change before I have to die.

    I feel I am lucky, that I had such a long life together with Peter. Now that he is gone, I feel more and more how important he was during my very long life. But he would want me to make the best of whatever life may still be granted to me.

    Stay safe, dear Carolyn! HUGS from Uta in Australia 🙂

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