About the ‘Woke’ Revolution

I did read this post:


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2 thoughts on “About the ‘Woke’ Revolution

  1. The “conservative” (read ; Right-wing radicals) elements in western politics want to divert the conversation away from condemnation of the racist-imperialist actions of certain fore-fathers of colinisation to the easier defencible; “Us and Them” of White vs, “Them” …when in fact it was those delibeate actions of brutal conquest of indiginous populations that stood in trhe way of colonialist capitalism that is most being blamed and then those individual perpetrators who did or managed the atrocities…
    Here in Sth Aust’, before the British govt’ of the day would give permission for the Sth Aust’ Company to set up a province, they had to agree to a set of principles signed off by the Parliament and the King of England..called “The Letters Patent” that gave the indigenous peoples the right to refuse to sell their lands and the right to live and practice their custome and culture sa they always enjoyed…a set of principles that were immediately and completly ignored….It is these things that history now is revealing in all the gory details that most shocks and abhors a sensitive population…

  2. Thank you for commenting, Joe. I can only say, that ‘Right-wing radicals’ usually sound pretty scary to me. However, my impression is, that ‘far left’ people tend to stretch it a bit far too in always wanting to be ‘politically correct’. Most people grow up with certain prejudices. Once these prejudices are established, it is difficult to change to different outlooks, meaning it is hard for very prejudiced people to get rid of these deep seated feelings. And generational differences play a part too that healthy changes often cannot be achieved soon enough. Loving every human being at times seems pretty difficult. But we must not give up trying! 🙂

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