Meeting my Friends while Strolling in the Park

I have lots and lots of friends in the park. There are probably hundreds around close to my humble abode. I keep thinking I should really count all these friends and remember everyone’s pecularities. But so far I haven’t attempted yet to count them all. There is a cluster of them right between a few soccer fields. These are my special friends, and I know them pretty well. But I don’t really know exactly how many there are. I assume there would be at least one dozen, maybe more in that cluster.

What would I say to them, if I could talk to them? I might perhaps say the following: I love it, that you are there. I thank you for letting me hug you. I wish you a very, very long life. I love you so much!

Lakelands Oval, Dapto

Status: Open

Status last changed: 13 Jul 2021 9:16am

Location: Lakelands Drive, Dapto

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