Diary continued for August 24

Thought of August 2021


Education is not the filling of a pail , but the lighting of a fire. — W.B. Yeats. So Educate yourself as much as you can….their is no time limit for education.Tagged 2021augustblogbloggerbloggingeducationfirelimitPowerful thoughtquoteself developmentself improvementthoughtthought foreverthought of the day8 Comments

First of all I nearly had a meltdown again after breakfast when I heard the News Headlines on the radio. But more about this later.

I came across the website of Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier this morning and found it so impressive that I published a link to it!

I found out this morning that Amruta gave me yesterday a like button to this post: https://auntyuta.com/2021/07/22/thousands-pay-last-respects-to-dutch-reporter-peter-de-vries/

So, I want to stop here now. Maybe I’ll publish another post later in the day.

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