Here is one answer to me that I received 2 days ago:

Aunty, it’s typical of all coronaviruses (the main viruses that cause colds) and flu viruses to continually mutate. As they mutate, the illnesses they cause become less severe. This usually means they become more contagious – mainly because people are less sick and are more likely to be active and mingle among other people.

All the evidence suggests this is true of Delta variant. Although it’s more contagious, the illness it causes is much milder. A year’s worth of data shows the the Wuhan virus itself tends to cause very mild illness in people under 65 without underlying health conditions. It also shows that people over 65 or those with underlying health conditions can be successfully treated as outpatients with early treatments. The mainstream media is trying very hard to conceal these facts because the goal is to scare the wits out of people to get them to take these dangerous experimental vaccines..

6 thoughts on “Mutations?

    1. I guess you would have to look at the statistics, Gerard, how many people ended up with severe sickness from the DELTA Variant of the virus and died because of DELTA or because they had underlying health conditions. But you are right, Gerard, maybe had vaccinations been available for all of them, maybe even people with underlying health conditions could have survived a little bit longer!

      Quite a few studies are being done in different places all over the world for instance for the treatment of Covid- 19 with ivermectin. Maybe this kind of treatment will eventually be recommended and save lives. I admit that these studies are probably not advanced enough yet, whereas vaccinations are very much promoted in the main media. And this is the way it is. But really, right now in Australia a lot of people still have to wait a bit before it is their turn, because there just is not enough vaccine in this country yet for the whole population, and this is a fact. You can easily inform yourself about this. I don’t believe you can prove me wrong in this regard.

      To my mind the distribution of vaccines in Australia was very mishandled. For instance, it was up to the people, to enroll themselves, wasn’t it? Nobody did get an invitation sent to to come and get vaccinated. Not even essential workers or very vulnerable people! Why not? If for instance essential workers could not enroll themselves quickly enough because of queues etc. or if they had to constantly work with no spare time left, they missed out and were not given a spot. How inefficient is this? Why on earth was it expected that all of them would enroll themselves? Why could they not been given a certain convenient time to get vaccinated? All these workers should have been given this option before any spots for anyone else were being made available!

      And why make people wait in super long queues in cars when they need to undergo some testing? Can’t this be handled a bit better? Why are people often being treated like sheep? Maybe because it is like a war and we do not have enough qualified officers yet to handle war requirements? I don’t know. I am just observing and trying to write about it. Myself, I don’t think I am qualified to work for changes. Younger and better qualified people should do this. But come to think of it, maybe we do not need any changes, because mostly we seem to be a bunch of people just happy with the way everything works out for us, and that is better than in the rest of the world, isn’t it? So, we are alright. No worries.

      And, of course, our government does make a very great effort now to get hold of more and more vaccines as quickly as possible. I am sure, eventually there is going to be a vaccine available in Australia for everyone who wants it, and I can imagine that may be up to 90% of people will eventually want to be vaccinated! So this is it, I think, what our future is going to be. I am not scared, not at all. I take it as it comes.

  1. Ivermectin being used for treating Covid has has bad outcomes and is proven to be totally snake oil.

    There is now enough vaccine for everyone and it is estimated that people who are fully vaccinates will be able to mingle with each other normally around the middle of November.

    Those that choose not get vaccinated will not have the same freedoms as those that are double vaccinated.

    The long queues are proof that people take testing and vaccinations seriously and who would want to take the risk remaining unvaccinated? The quicker the uptake of vaccinations the quicker we get unlocked and can visit each other again

    I am sure that if you made an appointment with your doctor he would arrange a vaccination, Uta.

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