Vaccines – German Turkish immigrants saved us

I would like a lot of people to read this!

The Algorithm is Toxic

Welcome to Episode 2 of Notes from the Sydney Lockdown. This is a random daily (or close enough to daily) diary of thoughts during the Sydney lockdown. I’ll try and focus on things that are slightly off the daily news round – but I probably won’t stray too far. I grant myself broad discretion…. Check us out on YouTube too.

We know it as the Pfizer vaccine – but should it be known as the German Turkish Immigrant vaccine? That would give everyone a better sense of the wonderful story that lies behind the world’s favourite COVID vaccine.

Here in lockdown Sydney, vaccines are at the top of the news conversation. Our lockdown has been caused by the failure of our federal government to procure enough of the Pfizer vaccine – and a string of bungles from there.

We’re still working out the best way to handle the AstraZeneca vaccine…

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