Ten Years Already!

Dear Catterel, I love so much what you say in this blog that I want to reblog it to maybe give some more people the chance to comment on it. Thank you so much for still doing some blogging! I don’t think, I’ll be around in ten years, but it would be nice if you could still be blogging in another ten years!
Yes, like chatting on a park bench, this is what this blogging often is. 🙂
Love, Uta


It came as a mild shock to realise that I have now had this blog for ten years. What a lot of water under the bridge! There I was in September 2011, plodding along comfortably in what the French call“le train-train quotidien”with no expectations of any major changes in my life, when I decided to upload my bits ‘n’ bobs of versification and musings on events plus the odd painting. Pussyfooting about the pond of my life, as I saw it at the time. And then – whoosh! I was swept right into the water and had to learn to swim.

I repeat for the nth time how glad I am that I have never known what lay ahead of me! But this blog has been more valuable to me in the past decade than I could ever have imagined at that time. It has provided an outlet…

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