Peter posted this in 2013 on my 79th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Aunty Uta

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Today is an important date.  Not only is it the Equinox but also my lovely wife’s birthday. We had a lot to remember.  Many of her  birthdays we have celebrated together.  The most memorable was her 21st. That is how she looked then.

Easy to fall in love with

Easy to fall in love with

On the day in question in 1955 we had agreed to meet at her place. Uta had rented the tiniest of rooms in a fourth floor  apartment When I arrived at the agreed time and I wanted to climb up the stairs her land lady came down and told me that Uta had gone out to do some last minute shopping and there was no need to go up the full flight of stairs. But, she left it open that Fäulein Spickermann could have been come back unnoticed. I climbed the full flight of stairs and knocked on the door. Nothing happened. Another knock – still nothing. The land lady must have been right, Fäulein was still out.

I walked downstairs and waited in the cool entrance hall as it was a rather warm late summer’s day. I waited and waited. All sorts of ideas and theories went through my head.  Has she dropped me in this rather cruel way. No, not my darling Uta.  What was I to think? Has anything happened to her on her way to the shops? The shops were not that far and she should have been back  a long time.

Young people today have no idea how life was in those day without a mobile. People were not easily contactable. Any misunderstanding can quickly be resolved nowadays by  SMS or a phone call. We did not have that luxury  then. The brain had a free reign to invent the most outrageous scenarios. After almost two hours of waiting I was close to call it quits when Uta suddenly appeared, with a beaming face,  coming down the stairs.  What a relief. We were both happy to see each other.

Uta had to to go a phone booth to call her aunt who wanted to see her too for her birthday. After the phone call we went to another suburb where we met her aunty and her cousin. All in all the day ended well. But sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had given up waiting. I could have rung her another day  at work to clear things up or be disappointed and forget about this “unreliable” girl who stood me up.

Fourteen months later we got married and we are still together to tell the tale.


The young couple February 1957

I’m still in love with Uta and would still wait any number of hours for her as the reward is in the being  together.

Still happy together

Still happy together

13 thoughts on “Peter posted this in 2013 on my 79th Birthday!

  1. “The land lady must have been right, Fäulein was still out.”
    Actually, the land lady was not right, Fäulein was not out anymore, but in the shower where she could not hear the knock on the door! 🙂

  2. Ah, yes!…I can imagine that with a waist as slim as that, Peter would have spun you around in a dancing movement without the least trouble at all…and a “handsome couple” you two did make…wonderful memories…

    In this time of ageing, I like to believe that life is more spaced sequences of “little bits of beautiful”….those momentary awareness of bliss. rather than a continuing stream of uninterupted “everyday”…

    A little bit of beautiful,
    Just a touch of fine,
    A small blush of wonderful,
    This little moment in time.
    A little bit of beautiful,
    A simple thing to see,
    Those tender moments of sunshine,
    Within the soul of thee.
    That little bit of beautiful,
    Those small touches of fine,
    When you blush it’s wonderful,
    To know that you are mine.

    1. Thank you, Joe, this is very beautifully said! 🙂 During the course of our life together, Peter and I did a lot of travelling. All this travelling produced a lot of special memories. Peter always said, the times when we stayed somewhere else for a while, stand out more than the times when we just stayed at home. Still, we always loved coming back home. No matter how much we liked the experiences somewhere else, we tended to love our home best of all! 🙂

  3. We stilll lived in Berlin at the time. So, this was my 21st birthday! It is right, Tante Ilse wanted to see me for my birthday and bring Peter along, whom I am sure she had not met yet. So, Peter went with me to Tante Ilse’s place. It so happened, 2nd time pregnant cousin Sigrid with her infant little daughter was there too. We had a good time with all of them. Christiane, the little girl, was just about to take a few steps. I remember, she was holding onto me, while she was trying to walk. Cousin Sigrid was always a favourite of mine and both Peter and I have good memories of her and of Tante Ilse too. 🙂
    There were three Summerer sisters: Marthel (the mother of Sigrid), Ilse, who had no children, and Charlotte, who was my mother. They also had a brother, Kurt, who had twins, Renate and Wolfgang. Since Kurt became a widower when the twins were still little, they did grow up mainly with Oma Olga Summerer, the grandmother.
    At the time of my 21st birthday I had recently moved to my own little place, while my Mum was staying in West-Germany with her friend whom she called “Bambi”.

  4. Oh what a beautiful story , a long and lasting marriage and a happy one. My brother and sister in law have just celebrated their 5o years of Marriage ‘ Lovely to catch up on your posts Uta , wishing you well. Thank you for posting Peter’s story xx

  5. Thanks for coming over to this site, dear Sheila. Yes, Peter and I had a long lasting marriage. We were very lucky indeed that we could stay together for so long. Wishing you well too, dear Sheila. It was lovely to hear from you. Love and Hugs from me, Uta 🙂

    1. You are welcome, dear Carolyn! 🙂
      Hope you are well and able to stay safe. I am waiting now for my second jab. 🙂
      After I am fully vaxxed, people are finally going to be allowed to visit me. 🙂
      It is a known fact, that even before Covid, some people in age care homes hardly ever did get any visitors! I hope, living isolated in my beautiful home, I wont end up never getting any visitors. And I do hope, that once there is no more lockdown in Sydney and surrounds and I am fully vaxxed, I’ll be able to travel a bit again. 🙂
      I am lucky that despite lockdown I can go for beautiful walks with my rollator in a nearby park. And I can talk to my neighbours from a distance! And, very important, I can communicate by writing! I call myself very lucky under the circumstances. And why should I be scared of the virus? At 87 my days are numbered anyway. I just want to possibly avoid clocking up the very stressed hospital system. I hope, when the time comes, I’ll be allowed to die at home. I do get some government supported home help now that makes it easy for me to stay at home. So, I think I am really one of the lucky ones! 🙂
      Dear Carolyn, thank you very much for your caring! 🙂
      Big HUGS from me, Uta 🙂

      1. So good to hear ALL of this, Uta! 🙂
        Yes, we must remember we are lucky! And with phones, computers, etc., we can keep communicating with people. 🙂
        Every day I count my blessings…so much to be thankful for! 🙂
        (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

      2. I missed out on keeping up with IPhones and IPads, Carolyn. I do not want to use these at all, so I insist on avoiding to learn how to use these. My excuse is my advanced age as well as my really bad eyesight and restricted movement in my fingers. I am just glad, that I can still type on a computer keyboard, write and read some blogs as well as be writing and receiving emails!
        For phone-connection I depend on the old fashioned landline phone! 🙂
        Also, I just do not want to be involved with something like Facebook. I feel something like this would tend to be too time consuming for me! 🙂

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