Out of my September Diary 2020

This is an interesting memory for me, how Peter and I were doing last year in September. It was published just a few days before my birthday. I remember, on that birthday Matthew and Caroline took us up Macquarie Pass to Moss Vale for lunch. In the park near Moss Vale Railway Station there were not many tulips. Maybe the weather had not been good for the tulips. I think we took some pictures, but I don’t know where they are.


Despite all the struggles with Peter’s deteriorating health and so much slowing down due to old age, we do count ourselves lucky that we still have some time together and that we have a caring family. I am sure, our family is going to be greatly relieved too, if we do get this fexible Respite Care, that I mentioned in one of the above comments.
When I feel too stressed, my blood pressure tends to go sky high. The health profession gets extremely worried, when the blood pressure reaches as much as 200! But I believe that basically I am quite healthy for my age. As soon as I am less stressed, my blood pressure goes very much down. Besides I do get some medication now, and the last few days we were able to spend some days without having to go out anywhere. Going out on our own for…

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