The Third Sunday of Advent

Here are some pictures of a third Advent Sunday! πŸ™‚
Well, these pictures I took some seven years ago, didn’t I? It looks like I was then still very much into Christmas decorations, whereas this year I have the feeling, I may not get into the mood at all. Yesterday my daughter Caroline had to remind me, that it was already the first of Advent Sunday. I had not thought of it at all!
I wonder now, will I have some people coming to my place for some pre Christmas parties on my new outside deck? I had hoped, it would be easy, to get some people interested. Somehow, I am not so sure anymore. I do. take nothing for granted. If it happens, it happens. Maybe it is going to happen, maybe it isn’t. If it happens, I know, I’ll be very happy to have a few people gathered around me for an extended time. But maybe nothing or not much is going to come of it. I then have to live with that too and tell myself, after all, this cannot be the end of the world! Sooner or later there will be some good times again. One thing I can depend on: All my close extended family is going to arrive for celebrations on Christmas Eve! πŸ™‚ At least I can be really certain about that already! However, about what I do after Christmas, I wouldn’t have a clue so far. We’ll see. Don’t old people often live just by their memories? If nothing pleasurable does come up for the time after Christmas, maybe I too will have to live just by my memories about beautiful times in the past. —-


Today is the third Sunday of Advent. Today is the third Sunday of Advent.


Our tree is ready for Christmas!

 We can still sort this out.






We played joyful American Christmas songs. I liked this very much. We played joyful American Christmas songs. I liked this very much.





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2 thoughts on “The Third Sunday of Advent

    1. Thanks for commenting, Carolyn. I like looking at old blogs to reflect on it what past Christmases were like. πŸ™‚

      I hope, eventually Caroline and Matthew might give me a hand with a little bit of decorating for the upcoming Christmas. πŸ™‚ On my own I feel a bit lost at the moment. For instance, I have no idea where my very old Christmas decorations have ended up!

      HUGS, dear Carolyn, from Uta in Australia πŸ™‚

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