Klaus Vollmar’s New Book

This is so interesting, I want to reblog it with congratulations to Klaus Vollmar! 🙂


Our dear Master was completely taken aback today like we have rarely seen him.
It all started when we told him that a little man with a big package was approaching the house. “Sure thing,” he said, “an Amazon package for Dina.” When he handed the package to Dina, she said it couldn’t be for her, that he should look at the addressee “and the sender!” Siri shouted.
Totally amazed, he realised that this package was for him, full of author’s copies of his first book, written in English – well, with a lot of help from his editor.

Masterchen war heute völlig verblüfft, wie wir ihn selten gesehen haben.
Alles begann damit, dass wir ihm sagten, dass ein kleiner Mann mit großem Paket sich dem Haus nähert. „Klar doch“, meinte er, „ein Amazon Paket für Dina.“ Als er das…

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