Uta’s December 2021 Diary continued

In the meantime there has been the 4th Sunday of Advent, also the anniversary of Peter’s and mine 65th wedding in 1956! It was a very small wedding, only the two witnesses as guests! ๐Ÿ™‚

During the last few years there have been many weddings in our family here in Australia! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am very proud of our family. I am already blessed with six great-grandchildren! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also a seventh one born only some six months ago. This beautiful little great-grandson is daughter Caroline’s step grandson, that is Matthew, her husband, has a daughter, Alex, from his first marriage, who has a lovely baby boy son now! We have been to the wedding of Alex and Josh among many other weddings within our family. Two weddings took place only after the couple had lived together already for a number of years.

To be continued

16 thoughts on “Uta’s December 2021 Diary continued

  1. What wonderful memories! I hope they keep you smiling! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (((HUGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS…my hubby and I celebrated 45 years recently! We met as teenagers. We were together/dating 3 years before we got married. And we were good friends 1 year before we started dating. So we’ve been together 49 years! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. I trust you are keeping well, Uta and ready to step-up to the new year..I hope it is agood one for you and yours..as you say above…all the best..

    Cogito ergo sum..

    Cogito ergo sum ;
    โ€œI think, therefore I amโ€โ€ฆ
    Can this be the sum of parts, the total the making of a man?
    Cogito ergo sum..I think..therefore I am?
    But what is it we think OF, that best explains WHO I am?
    Better perhaps to say; Memoro ergo sum;
    โ€œI remember, therefore I amโ€.
    For it is memories of a lived life that more maketh a man.
    What are we without the sentiment of reminders,
    That places rich colours on the canvas?
    Like a watch-makerโ€™s fidget wheels,
    Turning, turning, turning..in sweeping tireless whorls.
    Layer upon layer of the mechanics of a lived life,
    Jewels and teeth and precious times..and yes..strife..always strife,
    I cannot..will not deny to myself one treasured jot,
    Take the worst with the bestโ€ฆIโ€™ll take the bloody lot!
    The unstoppable march of time doth come,
    When the ferryman of The Styx calls to claim his alms,
    I will welcome him to my house with a chant of psalms.
    My command of such memories maketh me more of a man.
    So . . .
    Memoro ergo sum,
    I remember, therefore I amโ€ฆ

  3. Uta is in Hospital for a while and I spoke to her just once. Very hard to get though as Covid is overwhelming all hospitals and shortage of staff means the phones are busy. Visiting is not allowed. She has a broken wrist.

    1. Thank you, Gerard, for sharing this news of Uta. I’d been worrying about her.
      Let me know if you hear any more news as the days go by. I wish her smooth healing and safety.

  4. Oh, Uta! I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist and your hospitalization! I’ve been thinking about you, missing you around here, and worried about you.
    You have my best wishes, love, and prayers for healing.
    (((HUGS))) โค

  5. Uta is still in hospital and is not allowed any visitors, not even on compassionate grounds. There is only limited telephone contact. Uta does not use an iPhone.
    She hopes to go home soon.

    1. At the beginning of this month I demanded that they let me go home. The medical staff in the private hospital I was sent to for so called ‘rehab’ is totally overworked with an influx of very sick or even dying non-Covid patients. All the so called medical attention I was given was decided totally without my consultation. Never ever was I given an opportunity to talk to the doctor of my choice. Severe pain all over my body was caused by a severe outbreak of Edema that gradually spread all over my outside body parts. The Edama was caused by a prescibed medication for blood pressure. This was the only medical prescription I took at the time. My blood pressure seemed to have settled down beautifully for about two months. Then in the middle of December some slight pain started during mid December. On Christrmas Day, after a trip to my son’s place in Benalla, Victoria, in his car and also with his beautiful dog in the car, I started experiencing quite severe pain. My legs became extremely weak. Trying to get up from my bed the next morning, my legs could not support me. I fell immediately back onto the bed and I was trying to support myself with my right hand. Little did I know that this was the wrong thing to do. After an increase in pain near the wrist it was discovered some two weeks later in Wollongong Public Hospital, NSW, that I had actually a tiny fracture near my wrist. They then put a cast on my right arm right up onto my elbow. With still a lot of painful swelling in my arm from this Edema outbreak, the pain in my arm with this horrible cast on increased a real lot despite constant very heavy pain killers, so that often I broke out in tears at night time when this constant lack of sleep because of what went on around me, made me very, very depressed. I was allowed hardly any contact with the outside world. I did get on well with everyone in the hospital except for the people who could not afford to show much sympathy for me because they were under constant pressure themselves. A lot of the health care workers had to work long hours, without ever having a lot of time off to recover from the stress they were under. I was not allowed to speak to any doctor. Nobody in charge seemed to have time for me for a proper talk. I felt it was worth than jail, not that I have ever experienced any jail. I imagine jail can be pretty tough too for some people. During my stay in Shellharbour Private I also experienced a severe outbreak of carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands. Half the fingers are pretty useless now because of severe pain. This is why I have to type everything very slowly and carefully and very often corrections are necessary because I hit the wrong keys.

      Last night I woke up in distress after only a little bit of sleep. So I spent now most of the night trying to look up some stuff on the computer. But I feel now desparately tired again and the pain is getting very severe again. So I have to rest and relax but not without thanking my kind supporters. Including you, dear Carolyn, and especially thanking you, dear Gerard. Sorry, that I tried to keep some of the stuff from you for a while. Thanks also for your emails. These tend to cheer me up a lot. So, thank you for that. Love, Uta

  6. Hello, Uta…It is Joe Carli posting under a pseudonym of Ambrose Quint…a name I have used for a while for posting things…I see that you are in a lot of distress..I can only wish you better feelings for the near future as this situation must be quite dire and unsettling..I cannot say anything more than this..except I feel sorry for your distress…all the best Uta..

    Thank you, Joe, thank you very much!

    My son, Martin, recently had a horrible accident. He was unconcious on the road. It nearly killed him. His lovely dog protected him till help arrived.

    This shook me up immensely – My own distress is gone now. I am glad that Martin is home again and could write me an email – His GP is looking after him now. Thanks be to God!

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