Old Age

I am aware now, that it is important, that a lawyer makes
‘A N D’ legal for me!

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The problems I experience at times with anxiety and stress seem to increase more and more the older I get!

On the other hand, the times when I can stay totally anxiety and stress free are just wonderful! 🙂

Sadly I don’t seem to be able to avoid anxiety and stress at all times. The medical profession is worried, that I could die when my blood pressure goes up to over 200. From my point of view there is really nothing to worry about if I happen to die because of super high blood pressure! After all, I already had an extremely long, good life. What more can I expect at this stage? Do they want me to live like a zombie just to prolong my life? I must say this does not have all that much appeal to me since I would very much like to die a Natural…

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