An early morning meet up with my furry friend…….

I like all these pictures very, very much. It is a wonderful post.
Thank you very much, dear Wendy, for this post! 🙂

Which me am I today?

I knew a storm had been forecasted for the afternoon, so I purposely set my alarm for an early rise to make the best of the morning… thinking was, if a storm was heading our way, then the saying, “red sky in the morning, sailors warning’, might also come to fruition🤞

It didn’t actually look that promising when I headed up the snicket

But as I reached the church I could spy a tiny piece of red glowing between the trees

Once I reached the corner, my eyes must have been like saucers at the view beyond the catkins

A small smear of pink has been painted across a cloud

And once I reached the playing field, I could see the reflection of the sky in the house windows to my left, then looked right and there it was….a glowing pink morning sky

I trundled along the dirt track to…

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