This is a Copy of a Blog from 26th of September, 2021

I copy here the above blog:

Cameron Stewart says, that the unvaccinated at some point will have to be reintegrated into mainstream life.

I am going to get my second vaccination with Astra Zeneca on Sunday, 17th of October 2021. A few days ago I turned 87. Of course, at my age, I am not free of underlying health conditions. And, of course, we have quite a few experts in Australia who could testify to this. Our decision makers in government in this country claim, that all their decisions are made on the advice of experts for the good of all Australians. So, the advice is, that just about everybody should be fully vaccinated, and that the available vaccines are totally safe. They do admit, that even if you had your two doses of vaccines and are regarded as being ‘fully’ vaccinated, you can still catch the virus in a milder form, and this is most likely the DELTA variant you would catch. And when you catch it, you can also transmit it to other people! In my book this means, that one cannot go back to normal at all. For instance, I would still have to observe social distancing, and I would have to wear a mask wherever there is no adequate ventilation and other people around.

They say, the advantage of you being vaccinated is, that if you are admitted to hospital and have had your vaccinations, you are not likely to have a severe infection. I can understand that the health authorities want to keep as far as possible most Covid cases out of the hospital. If too many severe Covid cases are being admitted to hospitals, the health system is in danger of being overwhelmed. With most people being vaccinated, there is less danger of severe Covid cases. And they claim, hardly any double vaccinated people are likely to die of a Covid infection. People that do die under these conditions, would probably have some underlying health conditions. Not only elderly people, but also younger people can have severe underlying health conditions. But overall, younger people usually are in better health than most of the elderly.

The way I see it, all these different forms of Covid 19 are still going to be with us for many years, and we just have to learn to live with it.! All the tests, lockdowns and vaccinations won’t make the virus go away! What we have to do, is, adapt our lifestyle to living with the virus. It is as simple as that. Why are people not being told, that they have to adapt their lifestyle for years to come, so that people can prepare for this?

Coming back to what Cameron Stewart wrote about the unvaccinated, what do you think, can they be reintegrated into mainstream life at some point?

Now, I want to stress a few things that have to do with my approaching end of life. After all I am 87, right? Who in their right mind would not think of the end of life when they are of such an advanced age? Does everybody really want to be saved until they reach 90 or 100? I for one would prefer, to be allowed to die a natural death! I already told my GP, that I want him to put in my files: AND (Allow Natural Death). So far I did not get any confirmation, that this actually does appear in my files. But that my children are already informed, maybe could be of some help.

So, I already underwent to be vaccinated once, and soon there is a second time! All my family thinks, that this is marvelous. Personally, I do not believe that these vaccinations alter my life one bit. I still intend to observe social distancing, for I do not want to end up in hospital, not even with a mild form of the disease. If the family would want to visit me, they could do it now. Only these constant lockdowns prevent them from seeing me! Whether I am vaccinated or not, should in my opinion, not make any difference. But we have to follow the rules, right? However, I do not have to agree that these rules are the best they could have come up with.

The government does not always know what is best for the majority of people. Otherwise they would not have accommodated people that arrived from overseas in unsuited lockdowns in hotels, and they would a long time ago have made an effort to improve the ventilation in every building, and to help families that have to live in overcrowded apartment buildings with no fresh air! Instead they spend billions on vaccinations that do not get rid of the virus. And they urge people to get vaccinated, but they did not make sure, that very vulnerable people and all essential workers were being given priority.

The following is a copy from the comment section from

September, 26th, 2021

Cameron Stewart says: ‘The vaccinated feel they need protection from the unvaccinated — but if the vaccinated are somewhat protected and can spread the disease, isn’t it the other way around? It is the unvaccinated who need protection from the vaccinated.’

I think he has a point there. However, I would say, even if I am fully vaccinated, I am in danger of being infected by someone who is fully vaccinated too, for I do not want to end up with Covid even if it is in a mild form; for living on my own, I am in danger of being admitted to a Covid ward, even with a mild form of the disease, since I might not be able to look after myself and be needing some sort of full time care.

It is true, I might have a good chance of recovering from the disease if I am being treated in a Covid ward. But being treated in a Covid ward, do I have the guarantee that they let me die a natural death if my condition worsens? And are they willing to let my children see me before I die?

Speaking about costs. This is what Cameron Stewart says: “Australia’s new two-tier vaccination society is almost certainly going to be a temporary one. The costs on businesses and governments of enforcing the rules indefinitely would be exorbitant.”

So, enforcing the rule is going to be too costly? He may be right, for we have to look only of overseas experiences in some other countries. We should really learn something from these experiences in some other countries!

2 thoughts on “This is a Copy of a Blog from 26th of September, 2021

  1. Thank you so much for looking at this post and commenting on it, dear Cat! 🙂

    I think, quite a long time ago. people like Cameron Stewart did get it absolutely right! 🙂

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