Memories about my Mother

This is what I just copied from one of my posts in 2020!

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A Copy of what I published in October 2020

 auntyuta  CopyMemoriesOld Age  October 1, 2020

  1. berlioz1935
  2. It is interesting that she passed away on the night of our wedding anniversary. A wedding she had originally not liked taking place. In later years she changed her tune and we were good friends. When we saw her last before she suffered her stroke she suffered severely from dementia. She actually did not know who we were. But I must say she was at that stage a very easy going lovely old lady. I think, without her memory her real good self became dominant. She was immortalised in the film about the Olympic Games in 1936 when the camera, probably scanning the crowd, caught her image. I made this into a fictional story and published it in a blog of my own.
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    2. Thanks…

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One thought on “Memories about my Mother

  1. What I published in March 2020

    This is a link to another copy of mine from a post of mine from March 2020 when Peter was suffering from a heart condition as well as advanced bladder cancer. We were told, to remove his bladder would have required a five hour operation!

    With his heart condition, Peter would not even have been able to survive a one hour operation!

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