Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

Great Memories!

V Ramasamy

83 a movie based on India’s triumph of 1983 cricket World Cup, which is being released in OTT platforms and getting lot of rave reviews.

I am yet to see the movie, which I would certainly do it as it has rekindled my memories associated with this great win by Indian boys in blue.

On 24 June 1983, I boarded the Grant Trunk Express with lot of anxieties as it was my maiden trip to Delhi to take up my first appointment in Central Government.

When I entered my compartment, the passengers were discussing aboutIndiareaching the final of theWorldCup. Yes, the discussion forced me to forget about my maiden trip toDelhiand its related anxieties.

I became more anxious aboutIndia’s probability of winning thecup. I also started participating in their discussion, the more we discussed the more we got excited.

On 25thnight, when the great final began, almost all the passengers took out…

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