Just a few Dates for Uta to remember about her immediate Family.

Saturday, 9th of April, 2022

Yesterday was Martin’s birthday. He turned 62.

We arrived in Port Melbourne as migrants from Germany

with two girls, Gabriele and Monika. Gaby was 21 months old,

and Monika was not even six months old!

Our arrival date in Port Melbourne was the 31st of May 1959.

So our son Martin was born on the 8th of April 1960, that is

a bit over 10 months after we arrived in Australia!

So, when Martin was born in Wollongong Hospital, Peter and I had three kids under

three years of age!

Our fourth child, our daughter Caroline, was also born in Wollongong Hospital

She was born on the 9th of December 1978.

By that time I was already 44 years of age!

Caroline is 43 years now . . . . And I am already 87 and six months!

I am sad, that Peter died of cancer nearly 16 months

ago. When he died he was 85 and 7 months.

6 thoughts on “Just a few Dates for Uta to remember about her immediate Family.

    1. Shanti, we knew already well over two years ago, that Peter would not be able to survive his cancer. The survival lasted then for less than one year, for the spread of cancer from his bladder to his bones could not be prevented. A major operation on his bladder had not been possible, because of a serious heart condition.

      Still, to have to completely live on my own, did come as a kind of a shock to me, when it first happened. But
      I must say, right now I am glad that I can live on my own and am not dependent on anyone in the family! 🙂

    1. We were young, Cat, Peter worked hard, I stayed home with the children. On his days off, Peter helped a lot in looking after the children. As migrants, the government provided us with subsidized stay in a hostel near a beach and not far from Wollongong and Port Kembla where Peter started work in the Steelworks, We liked the Australian climate, and that the Australians liked our children and were friendly towards us. 🙂
      We soon developed some close friendships with other migrants. So, in some ways, they felt a bit like family to us, and their children and our children spend a lot of time together! 🙂
      Many years later, when we had lived in our home by then for a number of years, some of our German family would come to visit us in Australia. They liked Australia as a
      holiday place. But none of the family in Germany ever wanted to stay here. So, we always had to manage without any close family here. But we always liked them to stay with us for a few weeks holidays, that is we always managed to have a beautiful Australian holiday together with them! 🙂

  1. Oh, such important precious people and important dates to remember and honor, Uta!
    I hope Martin had a very happy birthday! I hope you did, too…you are important as his Mom! 🙂
    How is Martin doing?
    My mom was 40 years old when I was born…I was her eighth child. My dad lived to 82 and my mom lived to 97. The other day was the anniversary of her death. Tomorrow will be the day my dad was born.
    I know you miss your precious Peter very very VERY much. (((HUGS))) and ❤️

  2. Martin’s brain healed amazingly quickly after the accident, Carolyn. He’s completely back to normal. I talked to him on the phone on his birthday. He was about to go out for lunch with a very good lady friend. 🙂

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