Lew Bornmann’s Blog about Political Dissatisfaction in America

Lew, thank you very, very much for writing in great detail your views on a great number of things. It makes me think about my views about the present situation not only in the USA but also about what it is like in Australia, my adopted country. 🙂
Actually, I would like to reblog this post of yours, and think about it a bit more, before I start making some comments about it, I feel, you raise a lot of issues, that can lead to very interesting discussions! 🙂
I would for instance like to ask you, with the voting system the way it operates in your country, how can your ‘independent’ views be recognized by the politicians in power? 🙂 Do you mean, you vote for one of the major parties as a compromise?
Our very recent Federal Elections here in Australia did bring major changes to what people were able to be voting for, meaning it looks like there is a chance now for holding politicians more to account! 🙂

Lew Bornmann's Blog

It seems to me….

Something that confirms all fears and many conspiracy theories about government is finding out what our elected representatives would put into law if they could.”  ~ P. J. O’Rourke[1].

Rather than avoiding discussions involving politics, religion, or sex as generally recommended, I enjoy talking about them – as long as civility is maintained; especially with someone who does not share my opinions.  If someone agrees with me, we simply reinforce what each of us already believe and neither of us learns anything from the other.  One of the problems today is that too many people associate only within their own political tribe.  I am realistic in that I do not actually expect to change someone’s opinion.  I accept that and will never vilify them on that basis (regardless of what I might actually think).

There now is increasing political incivility…

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