Turn Anger into Action

Some men are really scared to lose any of their power!

Living on Life's Labyrinth

June 28, 2022

When my husband and I were first married, and he was in medical school, I taught high school English at a large and diverse public high school in Webster Groves, Missouri. That job supported us during those years, but that was in 1971 and my income didn’t make a difference when I applied for a credit card. Only my husband’s income counted, but he didn’t have an income.

In his last year of medical school I was pregnant. Our first child was due in August, which meant I would be able to teach through the end of the school year, and then we would move back to Minnesota where Bruce would be a resident in family practice. He would have an income.

What I didn’t know those first months of my pregnancy was that the superintendent of schools and the principal (both white men) conferred to decide…

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2 thoughts on “Turn Anger into Action

  1. Hi Aunty.

    I married a hard core feminist in the mid 1980s (we’d been living together for 9 years at that stage). She had a PhD in Economics and was prone to not take crap from anybody, regardless of their gender. As a died-in-the-wool lefty, I have never had any trouble with the concept of equality – which turned out useful when we had two daughters – who themselves embraced feminism.

    We sent them to an all-girls school so they wouldn’t have to compete with boys for space and resources. One is now a country GP (33% of the GPs in their small town) and is well-supported by her community, and the other is a clinical psychologist working with kids with autism.

    But my then wife really knew how to play the game. She used to send me on errands where she knew that (say a tradesman) would not take her seriously and patronise and piss her around as belonging to a lower caste. When I returned and said “No problem, all sorted out”, she would inevitably reply “That’s because you’re a man !”

    Mind you, not because I was a capable man. But because I was packing a Y chromosome.

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