Describing our Times

“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness.”

Do you think, the above is describing our times?

‘The astrophysicist Carl Sagan, who died in 1995, looked into our times in his book “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”. The book was co-authored by his wife, Ann Druyan.’

You can look this up here:

Nicolas Boehmer is h author of this article about Carl Sagan.

and here is the video:

Maybe you want to check this out:

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Future of US Navy & its consequencesabout:blankSHOW CHAT REPLAY

#255 | Peter Zeihan: The Collapse of Globalization and America’s Retreat – The Realignment Podcast

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This episode and our expanded coverage are made possible thanks to our Supercast subscribers. If you can, please support the show above. Peter Zeihan, geopolitical strategist and author of The End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization, joins The Realignment to discuss why 2019 may have been the world’s economic peak, which nations will rise and fall as globalization collapses, and why America’s lost interest in keeping the system going.

0:00 – Introduction 1:00

Why was 2019 the best year of the century? 3:05

Future of US Navy & its consequences 8:20

Future of Russia 9:50

Should the US focus on Europe or Asia? 12:52

The US competing with other nations 16:55

Taiwan 23:40

Future of the Chinese nation state 28:55

Future of the US 35:04

Future shortages 38:59

End of globalization & its consequences 44:49

Future of demographics 51:36

What should people do?

Now here is another video. Australian Kevin Rudd, the way he talks is very different from the way the Americans talk. He has a very different understanding about China.

June 2, 2022 — Asia Society President and CEO Kevin Rudd examines the ideological underpinnings of China President Xi Jinping’s worldview and how countries can create effective China policies. Asia Society Switzerland Executive Director Nico Luchsinger moderated the conversation. (1 hr., 11 min.)

4 thoughts on “Describing our Times

  1. Uta this is terrifying in its accuracy thank you so much for posting it I am going to re-post it to Facebook and if I can later today to a world apart it’s an important message.Thank you for this.

    1. This oldie has never become familiar with Facebook, meaning I refrained from joining Facebook, for I felt I didn’t have it in me to make constant time for it. I was used to spend my time with other things. With advancing age, the time I could spend with important things, seemed to be getting less and less.

      But I do realize, that with Facebook it is possible to reach a great number of people. I feel the more people become aware of all these facts the better!

      Thank you very much, dear Chris, for reposting!

      HUGS, ❤ Uta

    1. You’re right, Granny. I believe, that these bits and pieces that deal with certain facts, are facts that should not be hidden away from people. If more people become aware of these facts, because of my post, that is a good thing in my opinion. HUGS, Uta

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