Oral History

Some time ago, I did actually listen to both discs, Peter’s and mine. Thanks to Frances the recordings sound rather interesting, So far, none of my children could be bothered to listen to any of the recordings!


After having been to the State Coroner’s Court of NSW for the past couple of days and hearing a lot about Gaby’s Life and Death I was reminded how Peter and I talked a lot about Gaby’s life when Frances interviewed us for the ORAL HISTORY recordings. We did get the finished disks sent to us as expected but we never listened to them yet! I guess I am too chicken to listen to my own voice, and Peter probably feels the same about the recordings of his voice. I was thinking the past few days that maybe Frances would be interested in the findings of the Coroner’s Court?

I wrote this on the 21st of February 2013;

“Today, Frances arrived for the last part of the interview.
All went well. Now we have to wait for just a few weeks before we’ll be sent the finished disks. Not that…

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