Silent Spring

This is a summary of the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Join Reading.FM now:… Read more summaries: ​ – Introduction 1:34 – Top 3 Lessons 2:10 – Lesson 1: Pesticides destroy not just the particular pests but whole ecosystems 3:56 – Lesson 2: Once DDT enters the food chain, it affects all the species involved 5:58 – Lesson 3: The two main solutions to the harmful effect of pesticides are education and biological alternatives to deal with pests 7:32 – Outro Silent Spring was first published by Houghton Mifflin in 1962 and has been updated by Rachel Carson in this iteration. In the book, the author brings to light the harm of pesticide use and other environmental effects caused by the present actions taking place in the world we live in today. You can also read this summary on our website, listen to just the audio, and download a PDF of it:… For more weekly animated book summaries, subscribe to our channel:… Four Minute Books is a collection of over 1,000 free book summaries, each of which draws 3 lessons from one of the world’s best books. Get smarter in 4 minutes or less! Start reading:…

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