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thoughts on “Pearl.”

  1. gerard oosterman
  2. Well, it certainly is a well told tale and I am sure Helvi would admire the telling of it. ‘It is from a male writer,’ she might well have surmised, and she could possibly have added that a women writer might well not have added all the details of their congress. An admirable tale, well told Joe
  3. freefall852
  4. Yes.. a male writer for certain…but here I would have you agree with me, Gerard..the days where a female writer would venture into the sensous…even agressive description of sexual “congress” have been reduced since the passing of Anais Nin…It seems to be a male..liability..(is that the correct word?) to lay such florid description before a now bowdlerised public…and perhaps in the doing, even doing women in general a favour in easing the bonds of social expectation….the harshness of that descriptive word I used to name a woman’s genitalia was the only one I could imagine that fitted the bill to describe a man’s dualism of adoration and cursing of incessant hunger for that something…if you get my drift…any other word seemed pathetic and weak.
    I regret that we as a society have been shanghied into an age where it seems that women must once again hide their sexual desires behind a wall of harsh pseudo, religo, feminist purity…when in that age of that story, many of us had just come out of a era of bowdlerisation…sure sex today is exhibited and displayed in language and action…but I don’t think that the deep desire for each other is either healthy or mutually enjoyed..I don’t think the young have that sense of trust in the other gender any more…”..and we live our lives in the shadow of the divine.”..I chose those words carefully..
    But ah!…I too am now old……no regrets though.
  5. auntyuta
  6. “I don’t think the young have that sense of trust in the other gender any more…”You may be right there, Joe. I enjoyed reading your story. Very much so indeed. I am sure, even as a teenager, I would have loved reading this story! I wonder whether then or now a lot of teenagers would have been keen to read a story like this? 
  7. freefall852
  8. Hello, Uta…I thank you very much for your reading and comment…I have “tested” the story on one other, a female relative of my own age (She lives in Holland) and she too enjoyed the story and the spirit in which it was told, that being in that time many years ago when sexual adventure was not soured least..public condemnation…though I have to admit that some personal relationships DID suffer somewhat from the experience. I wanted to show both the erotic alongside the respect for each other as individuals with individual desires..and how sexual relationships can be both a sensual and loving thing…
    I have treasured memories from those years of encounters that still come back to me in the small hours of the night, bringing a sentimental joy for the memory…I loved those women that came into my life…beautiful people.
    I have petitioned Michael to consider putting it up on his blog…but I have doubts that there is a maturity of thinking there that will accept the sexual language…..we’ll see…
    I wrote this in an article a fair while back..; “There are moments many of us live through in our lives that can give such emotional pleasure and personal joy that they are held in deepest secrecy and must never be revealed except perhaps .. and that is a big “perhaps” .. at point of death. For to release such a secret of one’s deepest personality is equal to destroying the base belief in a personal future. ”
  9. again..thanks for your support.
  10. auntyuta
  11. Well, it was a good read. What about the morality in this story? It seems to me that all moral concerns can be blown away in some situations. Only someone, who is very much aware of the female psyche, could have written this story in this way. This is honestly how I feel about this story.
  12. freefall852
  13. Hello again Uta….Morality?….there was a small window of time in the late 60’s to early-mid seventies where morals took a back-seat to the sexual revolution…especially in the tropics of Australia where I wasted a pleasant few years in intoxicating, hedonistic pleasure along with many, many other young adventurers of both sexes…and I DO MEAN adventurers in every sense of the word…and myself being an inquisitive sort of chap, took careful notice of the behaviours of my fellow sensualists of that time and location…and yes, I have for many years been acutely I am still…of the female psyche..too many men just ogle but not study the exotic that is the “Holy Grail” of a man’s desire….where just the voice of a woman is enough to entrance and mesmerise…Edith Piaf, for instance…But I will stop before I bore you by saying too much…I once tried to explain it but no-one listens anymore….here..:
  14. auntyuta
  15. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    This post was already published on the 27th of September 2016

Reply to Peter Hannerman on “Pearl”.

Debbie Reynolds.

Peter…hello…well,I have to tell you because I know you know also that women have a way of communicating that is like an inquiring caress…I suppose that is how they learn so much about their men. I was the youngest of four children born in quick succession..then there were several miss-carriages after me, so there was a gap of seven years between myself and my younger sibling..and in those years, I believe my mother kept me especially close as a kind of reassurance and comforting security…and I believe it was from that closeness to my mother that I learned many instinctive womanly intricacies…the whispered secrets, the anguish and desire soft spoken into a babes innocent ear, secure that he could never repeat a woman’s most hidden desires…I have to speculate on this, because I was too young to even be aware…but I do remember one incident…My mother was fond of those B-Grade western movies, particularly with Glen Ford..I remember “The Gunfight at the OK Corral”. and she used to take me to the city in the daytime while my father was at work and the others were in school, to the Regent Theatre..and this one day we went to see “Tammy and the Bachelor”…not that I was interested in the movie, but I was enthralled by the little square windows high at the back of the theatre where the flickering lights of the projector shone through ( I know that now, of course) and I would turn in my seat to watch them…and this one moment when I was watching the flickering lights, I saw the side of my mother’s face as she watched the film and I saw a tear form in her eye and then roll down her cheek…..that little moment has stuck above all in my memory of our outings…and now, in my aged years..I do know why…..anyway..I’ve now got to go do the dishes..goodnight.
Btw…I also have a special fondness for the song from that movie, corny as it is…I almost weep every time I hear it…

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6 thoughts on “Reply to Peter Hannerman on “Pearl”.”

  1. auntyutaReblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    These are lovely memories, Joe. Peter had some very special memories too from way back before he was even three years old. Hearing him talking about it, always fascinated me.Liked by 1 personReply
    1. freefall852I came across that moment accidently, Uta..and it seemed that it was waiting for its moment to be put down…I hope it cheers yourself somewhat…My knowing you and Peter has given more to my life..Liked by youReply
      1. auntyuta, you say you have a special fondness for this song.
        Peter and I did get to know it a long time ago, Yes, it is indeed very beautiful,
        Thank you for including it, Joe! Liked by 1 person
      2. freefall852What many people miss in the judgement of such songs by saying they are soppy, corny or syrupy that contained within them is the cryptic core desire of a more sublime instinct of the humanity in us all…in the so-called crude rendition of both words and music is the (now) lost heart of the “want” of the certain hunger for deep affection or love…“Somewhere..Between the soul and the Divine,Between that love you seek and the love you find,Is a place of absolute beauty,Is a place concealed and undefined.”Liked by you
  2. auntyutaA hunger for deep affection or love –
    A place of absolute beauty
    To seek and to find love –
    Or love finds you!Liked by 1 personReply
  3. Bridgesburning ChrisHow lovely. Thank youLiked by 1 personReply

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He was strolling down the still waxy sands, she, with her two frolicking children, aged three and five approached from the opposite direction. Suspended from a coarse, frayed piece of rope gripped in his hand, was a glass net-float. It swung, pendulum like as he walked. As they drew near to each other, their eyes met and their gaze held one another with that curious cognizance that lingers longer than is usual with strangers. A search not timid nor wanting but rather, as with like minded travellers in new lands, a polite familiarity in each other. The wide open sands of the tidal beach allowed plenty of room for personal space. The older child, a boy, saw the glass float, its surface sheen reflecting, with rhythmic precision of the swings, a shaft of evening sunlight into his eyes. He ran over and touched it, open mouthed…

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