Romantic Relationships in later Life

About living apart together it says the following:

‘Widowers, tend to report that they have not repartnered because they are concerned about being undesirable partners due to older age and ill health.’

“Many older women are interested in companionship but may want to avoid long-term obligations and are hesitant to give up their new independence. However, an arrangement called Living Apart Together (LAT) offers an appealing alternative; it is a form of intimate ongoing companionship that allows each partner to maintain autonomy and independent households.”

What is your opinion about this?

5 thoughts on “Romantic Relationships in later Life

  1. Interesting. I must say that I haven’t been averse to forming a new relationship – I simply haven’t me anyone that suits! And I certainly enjoy my independence. There would have o be compromises on both sides. I think the key question is, how lonely are you are and what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to have he companionship you crave.

  2. In an intimate ongoing companionship each partner is to maintain autonomy and independent households, if it is based on LAT.
    So it should be quite different from a marriage relationship. Really no need to get married in old age, while still having some kind of companionship! Of course you have to be lucky to meet the right kind of partner for this kind of ongoing relationship. 🙂

  3. Interesting! I think finding a good loving partner is difficult at any age. But, I definitely understand seniors wanting a good companion, affection, sharing adventures, etc. 🙂

    One day, years ago, I was visiting with my Mom and her friend Julie (Both widows in their mid to late 90’s…both had loved their husbands and missed them.)
    Julie said, “We don’t talk about men much anymore…we mostly talk about food and shopping.” I laughed. 🙂 Then she said, “We think older men just want an older woman in their life for one of two reasons…they want you as their nurse…or they want your purse…they hope you have money.”
    The two of them laughed, and I laughed with them. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  4. I think, if they want a nurse, wouldn’t it be more likely that a younger fairly healthy woman could act as a nurse? And should they not be in a position then to at least pay for their own way?
    This is indeed laughable, that only these very needy old man are available! I would laugh it off too, not wanting myself to burden with such a man. I would like only a man who could give me some enjoyment and pleasure just by being good company. 🙂

    1. I have been thinking a bit about this dilemma, that maybe esspecially very elderly men and women might experience, I mean the dilemma of needing perhaps constant nursing care. Of course, this sort of thing can happen to anybody at any time. So, if one man or woman, or both, do need already constant nursing care, can they still look for sexual encounters with each other?
      If there is a mutual sexual attraction, why not?

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