Climate Change Progress

Great changes are going to come, this is what I think.

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It seems to me….

The specter of climate change threatens worsening natural disasters, rapid urbanization, forced migration, and economic hardship for the most vulnerable.  Despite significant global advances, inability to effectively address epidemics and health emergencies still prevail and continuously threaten global health security and economic development.”  ~ Tedros Adhanom[1].

After several decades characterized by misinformation and prevarication concerning the veracity of climate change, governments are now acceding to the warnings from climate scientists and their learning experience as a result of the rapidly increasing number of extreme weather events.

But there is a current corresponding absence of substantive climate-related action – which has very little to do with a need for additional technological innovation[2]. While world political leaders seem to have jointly entered into a totally senseless fossil fuel suicide pact, the actual problem is more of a consistent lack of political will…

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