How to Get Out of The Friend Zone in 4 Steps (With Science!)

K subscribersSUBSCRIBELet me guess – you’re stuck in the friendzone or don’t know you’re friendzoned. Either way, I’ve been there. First, what is the friendzone? The Friend Zone is a relationship status between 2 people that is exclusively non-romantic. Usually, one party is friend-zoned and that person usually wants to “get out” of the friend zone by becoming a potential romantic partner. And let me tell you… If you’re stuck in the friendzone, you’ll want to get out asap! Luckily, I’ve studied human behavior and know exactly what makes people tick that I want to share in this comprehensive video tutorial. Stay in the steps, let yourself marinate – because the longer you stay in each step, the better of a catch you’ll be (and you can say goodbye to that friendzone!). So whether you’re in the friendzone with a guy, a girl, or even through an online video/text/digital relationship… Here’s how to get out of the friendzone the right way! Read the full article at: In this video: 0:00 Intro 0:15 What is the friendzone? 1:33 Signs you’re in the friendzone 2:37 Do this before diving into the steps 2:55 Step #1 5:08 Step #2 8:05 Step #3 14:06 Step #4 15:07 Conclusion

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