Become the perfect Partner

2 thoughts on “Become the perfect Partner

  1. What a great interview!! I like that! “There is a cast of characters in every relationship.” It’s an idea worth pondering… and cultivating the most supportive cast of characters you can! The right amount of spark between the match and the ignition… hmmm… that was an interesting way to view the dynamics! I like the figure 8 analogy. How can you broaden that to include the other cast of characters? Surely they feed into the variety of reactions, too. The subject of simply being alive vs. “thriving” fascinated me. As a Christian, I can tell you, Uta, that it is having God in the driver’s seat – and living by Biblical principles that has helped our relationship thrive for more than 60 years… and it is a host of beautiful, supportive, loving friends and family members who have kept the match ignited. They have our backs. They play and take risks with us. They encourage us. Our church family is an especially important part of that! I think it’s sad when people don’t see how much their spiritual life can play a role in helping them thrive! The discussion of humor, possibility and change was certainly worth remembering. Embracing PLAY and change are very important parts of any thriving relationship, don’t you agree? What have you done to play lately?

  2. Dear Jan, thank you sao much for this comment. I think, I felt a bit lost when I was suddenly on my own after a 64 years marriage! However, I’m determined now to embrace my new life without Peter. Spiritual practices have helped me a lot to get there, where I am now. Just having turned 88 it is a fact. that my life is rapidly nearing its end. I intend to try to make the most of this little time that maybe is still given to me.
    Maybe you’d like to have a look at the comment section in my following post about tulip time?
    HUGS and Love, yours Uta ❤

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