Northstream2 pipeline in July 2022

I wonder, what is the German government up to now?

The Most Revolutionary Act

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Resembling a Monty Python sketch, Berlin officials still insist new Nord Stream 2 pipeline is ‘not certified’, refusing to back down and switch on the 55bcm of Gas while going bankrupt for lack of gas.

Germany will not use the new alternative pipeline to ship natural gas from Russia, Nord Stream 2, even though its usual route, Nord Stream 1, is shut down for maintenance, the country’s government reiterated on Monday.

The announcement comes as Gazprom ‘upped the ante’ in the gas dispute by declaring force majeure on EU gas flow via Nord Stream 1, citing “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control.

That pipeline is currently closed for maintenance until Thursday. There is rising concern in Germany, however, that Gazprom will not resume supply when the works are complete.

German politicians have united in raging economic war hysteria against Russia, leading no less than 7 rounds of deep and…

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