The comment that has haunted me

Can we, please, discuss this a bit more?


A comment on one of my posts has haunted me for several months. Since I greatly value the intellect and sensitivity of the person who left the comment, I slapped my finger off the reply button. I wanted to avoid a pat, knee-jerk response to a comment written with absolute sincerity. I wanted to question myself, my motivations, and the issue raised by the author of the comment. The comment deserves more than a simple comment reply. It deserves a head-on disclosure of my belief structure, which explains why I found wry humor where others may find abhorrence.

Several months ago, I reblogged a post that I found sublimely ironic. For a quick summation of my post for those who don’t wish to click back and read or review it, the issue was a bill proposed by an Idaho State Senator that would require all women seeking a medical abortion to undergo…

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