The Domestication of Humanity Under Capitalism

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen (2002, Trade Paperback) book 9781893956285 | eBay

The Culture of Make Believe

Derrick Jensen

Chelsea Green (2002)

Book Review

This book is about self-delusion we all practice under capitalism to deaden our biological needs for the “higher” goal of production. As Jensen puts it, people have to be “domesticated” just like animals.

As puts it,

For civilization to survive we can’t simply be who were are, but must tweaked, torn, our psyches twisted to conform to a social reality based on exploitation.


You domesticate people to the point they no longer perceive your control as unjust and attempt to join you in oppressing those who do.[1]

According to Jensen, he arrived at these conclusions through research into the psychological basis of hate crimes and genocide. He now believes entitlement is key to most atrocities. People whose privilege stems from exploiting an oppressed group commit hate crimes when threatened with losing it.[2] In fact, perpetrators of mass…

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