A Weekend with Family in October 2022

So, we stayed at our holiday ‘camp’ at Sussex Inlet from Friday, 21st of October. to Sunday, the 25th! 🙂

Caroline, my youngest daughter, turns 44 in about six weeks. She was at the holiday ‘camp’ with her whole family right next door to me: A 16 months old baby was one of the family: This was so good! 🙂

I stayed with my daughter Monika and her partner Mark. Monika turns 64 in less than six weeks. The twins, Monika’s sons, stayed in another unit with their families: It was so good, to have Monika’s grandsons around! They are absoluely lovely kids. 🙂

On Saturday, one of Monika’s daughters stayed with her friend in our camp just for the day!  So these people were number 16 and 17, and I was number 18! I hugged them all, and they hugged me!  A lot of hugging all around. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Weekend with Family in October 2022

  1. It was indeed a wonderful weekend, Carolyn, and enjoyed by everyone, especially the children. The great-grandsons Lucas and Alexander are 10 and 8. Their cousin Carter is another great-grandson of mine, and he is to be 6 next month. The three of them loved to be together the whole time. They were full of energy, running, running, running around everywhere at some enormous speed! 🙂

    And 16 months old Ethan is such a lovely baby boy. My daughter Caroline and son-in-law Matthew did bring the baby along on Friday. Alex, Matthew’s daughter, and Josh, the husband of Alex, that is the baby’s parents, as well as Matthew’s son Daniel were then also at our camp from Saturday on. I spent a lot of time with them; and this was so good! 🙂

    I hope you’re well, dear Carolyn.
    HUGS from me too. 🙂
    Love, Uta ❤

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