Love’s Embrace

Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli

Falling in LoveLove’s Embrace

freefall852 in Uncategorized November 5, 2022 189 Words

Love’s embrace.

I was badly wounded from Love’s last embrace,

My fault for flying too close to the Sun’s passionate face,

Where declarations of sweet joy, sweet love,

Were lost and discarded along with loss of face,

For one does say such silly things whilst in love’s embrace.

Wounded, yes..let there be no contrary debate,

Cut, diced and spliced then skewered on scorn’s sharp stake!

And I swore there and then t’would be the last mistake,

“The last mistake”..heh! many times THAT relate?

But then time and loneliness lays its clawing hand,

Makes to one’s heart that exquisite demand,

To venture once more into such dangerous land,

Of adventures of the soul, the heart, again; another last stand.

For how does one idle away those tedious hours of the day, lovely memories of dancing the antic hay?

But that’s it….I have to fall in love..don’t y’see..

I have no other choice but to fall in love..

I HAVE to fall in love..

Even if this time it’s only just with me.

Following is the link to Joseph Carli’s blog page:

Joe, that means, you can embrace yourself, right?

Most of the time I am in love with myself now. To embrace myself, I do cross my arms in front of me!

I feel, right now this is for me a pretty good state to be in. 🙂

The Excitement of falling in Love:

I do have good memories how exciting it is to fall in love with another person! Even platonic love can at times be emotionally very exciting and beautiful! It may come to an end and require an acceptence of the ending without regret! For nothing stays the same forever. We change, life changes us. However, when you have a love that lasts throughout your life despite all the changes, that is bliss! 🙂

There were a few years when my husband and I had major difficulties in our sexual relationship, and in communicating about it in a satisfactory way. So, we lived very much apart but under the same roof! Despite these marriage problems, we were always able to remain friends. Whenever I was inclined to fall in love with another desirable man, of course this relationship had to stay absolutely platonic. And my husband knew, that he could trust me and never acted jealous, except that with a few remarks he would show me sometimes, that he did not like me to become too close to a certain attractive person I felt drawn to. I feel, he did stay friendly with anyone who became my close friend. Really, it so happened, that I never did fall in love with a complete stranger, that is, it was always someone who was known to the whole family! 🙂

Also, I was very familiar with the women that Peter liked to be with. He usually liked the company of women, or some mixed company. However, I think he was a bit unsure of himself, and did not feel like he wanted to try out whether another woman loved him as a sex partner. So, as far as I am concerned, we never became a so called ‘open’ marriage in a sexual sense.

As far as our children are concerned, I often marvelled at the close relationship Peter had with all our children. That means, he had a very good relationship with our three daughters as well as our son! – A few years after all our children had left home, Peter and I became very close partners again. We had many good years of retirement together with lots of travelling. Life was so good! 🙂

Nearly two years ago, Peter died of bone cancer. I thought, I had been well prepared for his departure. But not so. You can never be prepared for the departure of someone you have known for more than 65 years and lived with for close to 64 years! I never imagined that missing Peter could become worse and worse with time, and kind of all consuming. So it was really important, that I started somehow to fall in love with myself! Now life, whatever is left of it, is getting better and better again . . .

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  1. freefall852Here, Uta..fall in love with the mystery of erotica:
    1. auntyutafreefall852Here, Joe, is what I wrote as a comment to that post of yours:May 25, 2022 at 8:55 pm
      I cannot imagine how I could still feel alive if I didn’t still have a desire for the opposite sex. Whether I act on it or have an opportunity to act on it, that is another matter. If I cannot act on it for whatever reason, I can still keep the desire going, just by imagining it and maybe write about it, whereas artful people would express it in their art. There are paintings, there is music, there are books to keep the desire alive. I cannot imagine not being touched anymore by a special kind of music for as long as I am alive!Reply2
  2. Bridgesburning ChrisOh Uta that is so touching!Reply2
  3. auntyutaYea, Chris, it all depends what keeps us alive! 🙂Reply2

4 thoughts on “Love’s Embrace

  1. Sending Love and hugs Uta.. and Love as we know takes many forms, We are very blessed when we find our life partners.. and it is always heart-breaking when we part..

    Thank you Uta for all you have shared and I wish you a very Happy New Year for 2023..
    Love and Blessings to you ❤

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