Before and after the War

Reading this post of mine from January 2012, did interest me very much. Reblogging it now, I am curious to see, whether some of my followers are going to find it interesting too.
At my very advanced age, I cannot help contemplating a lot about how WW II as well as the postwar years turned my life into a direction that probably would have been very different, had there never been a war.


Before and After the War

Extracts from my Memories

In 1942/1943 my friends in Berlin and I had often contemplated what life might be like, once we had peace again. Our dreams for the future were very basic. We all wanted to get married and have children. We all wanted our husbands to have occupations that would enable us to live in comfortable houses. My friend Siglinde and I were for ever drawing house-plans. There would be at least three bed-rooms: one for the parents, one for two boys and another one for two girls. Yes, to have two boys as well as two girls, that was our ideal.

Before we married, we would finish school and go to university and our husbands would of course be university educated. In peace-time we would be able to buy all the things we had been able to buy before the war started:…

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4 thoughts on “Before and after the War

  1. Oh my gosh. You do not look fat at 14. Nor plain. You look beautiful. But I think most 14 year old girls think they are plain, ugly, and/or fat. And how we feel on the inside, often governs how we behave on the outside. I can imagine that being a bright, bookish, teenager with low self esteem, you were probably a bit intimidating to boys your age.

    1. Linda, I was totally surrounded by girls. I had no chance whatsoever to meet a boy, except for me brothers and his friends who were much younger! 🙂

  2. As a very young teenager, I had a few very good girlfriends, who also didn’t know any boys. When I had just turned 17, and starting commercial highschool, a girl in my class became my best friend. She knew a lot of guys and introduced me to a few. Soon, my self esteem improved a lot . . . .
    When I was 15, I felt I had put on too much weight. But by the time I was 16, my figure was alright, except for my boobs, which were just enormous!

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