Unimaginable Catastrophe on New Zealand’s East Coast

The Most Revolutionary Act


By Seemorerocks

The catastrophe from Cyclone Gabrielle in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty seems to be beyond anything one could imagine. For one, The devastation has all but destroyed from what we hear 50% or more of Hawkes Bay’s horticulture. They are not telling us any of that in the media. You can expect food shortages that may last years


We are getting reports MSM are ignoring the worst stories.

There are 5,600 registered as missing.

From https://t.me/CounterspinMediaNZ/65

“Dead animals are building up and rotting & Napier residents have been without power, hot water, internet & phone signal since Mon night/Tues morning.”

“A lot of people have lost their houses, everything.”

“We were totally cut off from Napier in Hastings with many people being turned away from the only crossing available even though they were essential.”

“Looting, shooting, stabbing, killing, stealing, and hostage…

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2 thoughts on “Unimaginable Catastrophe on New Zealand’s East Coast

  1. auntyuta on February 19, 2023 at 9:43 pm said:

    Catherine, I wrote to Stuart the following:

    “. . . . the police, ambulance, rescue teams and everyone helping have been doing an amazing job.” This is good to know.

    But this is an unimaginable natural disaster.

    I am to reblog now, for in this post are some things mentioned that my blogger friends might not know about yet.

    Stuart, you told me that you are alright. I’m glad about this. Stay safe!

    HUGS from me Aunty Uta in Australia ❤

    The blogger , who published the above post is:
    Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

    I, as well as Peter, Joe, and Gerard have been her blogger friends for many, many years!

    Stuart does live where cyclone Gabrielle has hit. She was lucky. Her house is alright, and she had no power cut. Only her vegie garden is a write off.

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