Is there a Chance to overcome the Cost of Living Crisis with a very frugal Lifestyle?

If you are interested in a frugal lifestyle go to the above link. You’ll find there lots of ideas how to live a simple life and spending as little money as possible. I mean, those people who’s income gets less and less, have to cut down on spending wherever possible. It is not right to get more and more into debt, is it?

Think about it. If you are a small family, do you need a four bedroom house? Perhaps two of your bedrooms could be rented out to somebody who needs low cost renting?

The government provides some funds for housing of people who lost their homes in fires or floods. Of course these funds are not enough to house everybody in proper houses. My opinion is, that very simple housing should be made available asap to everybody who’s lost their home in a natural disaster. It should be possible to provide very simple basic housing at very low cost. I reckon a very simple hut is better than having no roof over your head. In the past generations of people survived in very simple huts!

The same goes for people that cannot pay the ever increasing mortgage anymore. Let them rent a very simple alternative, or let them share their homes with other people where this is possible. Why have homeless people in a country as rich as Australia? Why such a great gap between rich and poor?

In my previous post I pointed out, how in the past most students in Germany did have a very frugal lifestyle and were able to survive with very little money while having spare time to foster great companionship with other students.

2 thoughts on “Is there a Chance to overcome the Cost of Living Crisis with a very frugal Lifestyle?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this important and highly beneficial information.
    Hope you are doing well there.
    Tace care of yourself always and remain happy with friends.
    Today you son is supposed to join you there at your home. Have a blissful time.

  2. Thank you, Arun, thank you very much! I am so happy, that my son wants to come to visit me. He is due to arrive here on Friday, the 31st of March!
    Hugs from ne in Australia!
    🥰🤗❤ Uta

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