Noam Chomsky: On China/ Artificial Intelligence & The 2024 Presidential Election

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52,943 views Apr 17, 2023 Through Conversations PodcastNoam Chomsky joins me for a third time on the show to discuss in depth the 2024 elections, the fentanyl crisis, the Russia-Ukraine War, and the looming threat of WWIII, and AI. This is the third time that Chomsky joins me on the show, In the first edition, we covered language, philosophy, and how to know oneself in this world. The second edition covered the Russia-Ukraine War, and the third edition will cover: • The 2024 presidential election • Potential conflict with China • How to address the fentanyl crisis • Artificial Intelligence and more. If you find this episode insightful, or you have any comments on the discussion, subscribe, share with your loved ones, and let me know!

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