“Bridge of Spies” – Glienicke Bridge

Here is a link to a post by Peter Hannemann (Berlioz) from November 2015:


I was not able to copy the pictures. So please go to Peter’s blog to have a look at the pictures! I wanted to show you the pictures of that cafe “Garage Du Pont”.

This is the approach to the bridge from the Potsdam end of the border. Today the bridge is the border between the City of Berlin and the Federal State of Brandenburg. (This is written under one of the pictures.)

And if you have made it to this spot, you are right in front of the beautiful cafe “Garage Du Pont”.You can sit and ponder the history of the bridge while you indulge yourself.

Here you can enjoy a coffee, an apple tart or a brandy or all three of them.

I remember this cafe very well. I think instead of brandy I had ILLVA SARONNO.

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Today, 26 years ago ( on the morning of the 10 November, Australian time) the Berlin Wall was opened. Next day, Berlin Time, the old border between West-Berlin and the GDR (East-Germany) was opened at the border to between Berlin and Potsdam.

Sign on Glienike Bridge, today Sign on Glienike Bridge, today

The sign reads, “Here was Germany and Europe until the 10th of November 1989 at 1800 hour divided”.

So it was astonishingly appropriate that we, my wife Uta and I, saw a film today that had that bridge as a dramatic backdrop. It was another story, from the time of the Cold War, that was told in the film “Bridge of Spies“.  Here is a trailer of the film.

As a former resident of Berlin, I’m not unfamiliar with the bridge. I visited her many times and the bridge was once before the background for a movie. “Under the Bridges”…

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  1. Illva Saronno is known for Disaronno, the world’s favourite Italian Liqueur. Sold in over 160 countries worldwide, Disaronno represents the inimitable “made in Italy” image and sense of style across the globe. The Illva Saronno portfolio includes other leading spirit brands such as: Tia Maria, Artic, Isolabella, Zucca, Aurum.

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