Thanks for the link to that post from 2019, Joe. I reread with great interest that post and all the comments to it. 🙂

To your “Transgression” post you say: All quotes are from Theodore Mommsen’s “History of Rome.”

This is very interesting, Joe, how you used Mommsen’s quotes to write your post on
“Transgression”. You say: “I cannot for the life of me see how this rapacious lifestyle can last…” Isn’t it about time we do something about this? We have enough educated young and intelligent people that are well aware that our society has to change. I am convinced, that, whether we want it or not, major changes are going to come.


(Adam Miller’s Emulation of Raphael)


Chapter one..

“The governance of the Julian House soon taught men

in a terrible form how far it was possible to hold fire and water in the same vessel..”


Time wrote the contract, in collusion with Nature,

It then co-signed with a mute hand,

Caring not a jot for action or consequence,

And Mother Nature..who was She to bother the loss of one specie,

When were legion of substitutes in the great spawning,

For could not a goldfish be as valued as man in such vast universe?

But WE…WE, the industrious plunderers of the world,

We cared..for the obvious consequences of such looting,

Is the loss of future opportunity to gather harvest.

But do we honour?….Do we honour when we have so readily transgressed,

Across so many moral boundaries that hold us in unity?

Did not those two original co-conspirators; Time and Nature,

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