Marzahn, Berlin, Part II

We visited ‘The Gardens of the World’ in Marzahn yesterday, on Wednesday the 17th October. To have tea in the Chinese Tea-House was a very relaxing experience. The tea had warmed me up sufficiently. When we continued to stroll through the gardens, the sun had warmed the air. It felt great to walk in the crisp, fresh air. There was still a little breeze from time to time but it didn’t feel as cold anymore.

A secluded spot

We had brought some sandwiches from home. It was good to eat them in a secluded spot, protected from the wind.

So on we went to view some more of the beautiful gardens Our destination was the Italian Renaissance Garden. I did get into the mood to take lots and lots of pictures. (The previous pictures, which I published in Part I, were all taken by Peter.)

On the way to some more gardens we saw trees starting to have colorful displays of autumn leaves, here and there we could still see some beautiful flowers. Remarkable were a huge number of fountains. I kept taking pictures of a great many fountains. Today I’m only inserting a few sample pictures.

Here now just a few pictures of the fairytale walk.