Marzahn, Berlin, Part III


I like all the pictures I took in the Balinese Garden. Here are just a few of them

All the plants thrived well in the hot, moist air of the Balinese Garden.

And last but not least, here are a few pictures taken in the Oriental Section.

12 thoughts on “Marzahn, Berlin, Part III

    1. Thanks, Gislinde. Today we had a lovely start of the week meeting a very dear old friend for a walk through the Tiergarten, for lunch and later coffee.It was great to be able to talk to this friend about old times. She cheered us up a lot because she’s such an outgoing, friendly person with a lot of smiles. We were .dressed warmly for our walk. This is why the cold didn’t bother us. We were also lucky that the sun came out. Still it’s already quite wintry here in Berlin. I guess where you are, it’s already quite chilly too. Liebe Grüsse, Uta

  1. Thanks, Anne, for liking my posts. I just noticed some pictures in your blogs about Halloween. Peter just granted me a few minutes so I can go over to your posts. He’s doing the breakfast dishes in the meantime! It is 8,15 am here in Berlin, 6,15 pm is the Sydney time.

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