Easter Sunday 2012

I have here now some of the pictures we took on Easter Sunday.

Last night we heard about the earthquake near Aceh. This certainly terrified a lot of people. What a relief that this time it didn’t result in a huge tsunami.

Yesterday the selection and insertion of the pictures for this blog was a bit exhausting. Today I think I ought to write a bit more about our visit. So I am about to do some editing now

Stephanie offered cups of tea as soon as we arrived. I chose flavoured green tea. Peter had black tea with goats milk. Tristan’s family have goats milk for every day consumption. They have their own goats on the property. The girls always drink goats milk and love it.

Everyone went with their cups of tea down the block to where the barbecue was set up. I prefered to stay on the verandah watching from the top the going ons from up there. I enjoyed my green tea out of the stainless steel cup. It was the perfect drink to have outside on this fresh sunny morning. The two girls were a pleasure to watch roaming about in their fairy dresses. Tristan and Martin went about getting the fire going in the barbecue dish. Peter took photos walking here, there and everywhere. Steph was inside. She had taken it upon herself to assemble the blackboard we had brought along for the girls. We had also brought along some books for the girls. A couple of these books Tristan took to reading to the girls soon after our arrival. Tristan is an excellent reader and the girls are excellent listeners!

Here now a few of the goats pictures that Peter took.

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