Sunday Brunch in our Backyard, 15th of October 2017

We had our brunch in that part of our backyard that looks a bit like we’re in the midst of the bush. There were six of us sitting down at the outside table. The younger people were busy preparing everything in the kitchen and then carrying it out. Caroline and Matthew had brought delicious food along from some of Sydney’s delicatessen shops as well as some Champagne. The food and drink was loved by all. Most of the pictures were taken by Caroline.¬†


I looked up this post:

So in March 2016 I published this picture with some comments:


I like to sit outside in the morning sun. This simple garden furniture from their porch/terrace in Waverly (Sydney), which C and M had painted themselves many years ago, they wanted to throw out. But I told them I love it. So it is now installed at the north side of our house. There are a lot of trees, but the morning sun gets through a bit, and we love to sit there with our morning tea.

The following I copied from something that I published at Easter 2016.










Lucas looked around in our backyard and called it a “forest”. He loved running from the side gate on the south side of the house back to the table on the north side. He kept running, and running, and running with little Alexander always following him. That was after they had been looking for Easter eggs. Alexander was happy, when he found just one little egg. He did eat it straight away and let his big brother look for all the other eggs!

Our Granddaughter Natasha, the boys’ Aunty, ¬†took some pictures of her Nephews while sitting at the table with them.