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Uta’s May 2017 Diary continued

12 May



I took these pictures on Wednesday, the 10th of May. Peter was having his second cancer care treatment. After Peter had settled in for his treatment, I left the hospital for some refreshments. On the way our I passed the chapel.

I found a nice cafe a bit further down the road and had a pot of tea. I took my time enjoying this tea. Going back to the hospital I entered the hospital from a different site, taking pictures as I walked along.


I went back to where Peter was in his treatment room. He was by then at the stage of the roll over period, where he had  to turn into different positions. This took two hours. After that all the liquid stuff had to be drained from his bladder.

Late in the afternoon Peter was happy when he finally was allowed to have some drink and a few sandwiches . I think he had had not anything to drink for more than ten hours.