Bayerisches Viertel in Berlin, Germany

” . . . .  The ”Bayerischer Platz” is the center of the ”Bayerisches Viertel”, (Bavarian district), with many streets named after Bavarian cities, which was destroyed a lot [more] during World War II (about 60%).  . . . .  ”

I just had a look at my post from January 2015 about Bayerishces Viertel. We used to live in Bozener Strasse. I always assumed that the town of “Bozen” was in Bavaria. I know now that is not the case.

Bolzano (Bozen) is in Southern Tyrol and belongs now to Italy.

“During the gradual decline of the Romans’ influence in the 7th century, Bavarian immigration took place and the first mention of a Bavarian ruler in Bolzano dates from 679.[5] At that time, the Bavarians named the nearby villages around Bolzano Bauzanum or Bauzana.[6] Germanpopulations have been present in the region of Tyrol since this time.”

It seems, even though it belongs to Italy, the German population in Southern Tyrol is predominant. Here is what I found in wikipedia about the modern-day South Tyrol:

“Modern-day South Tyrol, an autonomous Italian province created in 1948, was part of the Austro-Hungarian County of Tyrol until 1918 (then known as Deutschsüdtirol and occasionally Mitteltirol[1]). It was annexed by Italy following the defeat of the Central Powersin World War I. It has been part of a cross-border joint entity, the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino, since 2001.


My friend Eva Todtenhausen once tought me the text to the following Tyrol melody:



I was ten at the time, and I still remember the words!

This post brings back memories about Bozener Strasse. This is the street where I lived during most of my childhood and early adulthood years. Some of the buildings look a lot more colourful now than they used to. I like some of the very bright colours. During the 1930s and 1940s we children would use Bozener Strasse as our playground because there were usually no cars parked there. Our street was very out of the way and had no through traffic. Tante Ilse and Onkel Addi for instance parked their car in a nearby garage. I think to that garage it was a five minute walk!

I sometimes like to just browse through some older posts of mine. Being able to ‘search’ for certain subjects, often helps to find some posts that I am specially looking for.  Today for instance I wanted to find a picture from my first birthday. I assumed that at  some time  I had published this picture that was taken on my first birthday. Inserting “first Birthday” in the search space, resulted in the following:

Alas, nothing came up about my first birthday, but on the other hand quite a few posts that I enjoyed having another look at. Feel welcome, to browse through some  of my  posts too. I hope you find some of the posts interesting.

Cheerio, and have a good day!




We made it to Bayrischer Platz

Last Friday was the day when we strolled along the Kurfürstendamm. Since then we’ve been to quite a few other destinations. First of all we had family visiting us for afternoon coffee and cake. I’ll be writing about this some other time.

Sunday was a lovely, balmy, very sunny day as forecast. So we went to see our dear family friends Ingrid and Erhard. During the summer months they often stay in their little summer cottage which is surrounded by a beautiful garden area. They invited us to spend the day with them in their garden with plenty of homegrown cooked food, which was delicious. I’ll blog about this later on.

On Monday Ilse came to see us. We had delicious pizza at a close by Italian Restaurant sitting outside in lovely sunshine. For afternoon coffee and cake we went to baker Thürmann, also close by.

Yesterday, Tuesday, our destination was Bayrischer Platz. Just round the corner is Bozener Strasse, where I grew up. I felt quite nostalgic to see my old stomping ground again. We picked up a few large, shiny, rather big chestnuts from under the huge tree at the end of Bozener Strasse. I remember this tree very well from my childhood!

We had lunch at a baker’s shop close by. Next door was an Italian restaurant where lots of people were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We ordered gelato with fresh cream and soon were sitting outside too with these lovely ice-cream dishes which cost only three Euros each!

It was midday when we heard the freedom bells from the close by Rathaus at John-F-Kennedy-Platz. It was only a short walk for us to this place. In front of the Rathaus was a market. An Indian fellow sold jackets. I bought a warm jacket from him. He told us, he had relatives in Brisbane when we mentioned that we were from Australia.

Another spot from the past beckoned: Stadtpark Schöneberg. This place awakened heaps of memories in us. We took a seat close to the pond where we could watch the ducks. I remembered pictures of me standing close to the duck-pond as a toddler more than seventy-five years ago! I felt so tired by then I actually nodded off a bit sitting with Peter on a bench with the sun shining on us.

The Underground station Rathaus Schöneberg is right next to the duck-pond. So we took the underground to go back home to Hansaplatz. We took heaps of pictures every day. But here now is only a small sample of them:

Some pumpkins from Ingrid’s garden
Tuesday night was a balmy night and we went to the Brandenburg Gate. I tried to catch Peter in front of the Gate.
Uta and Ilse on Monday, 17th September 2012
Uta loves the Berlin Bear
The Chestnut tree is still there

Part of the Duck Pond with Rathaus Schöneberg Underground Station in the background